Friday, December 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkeys: Fun with Little Ones

Thanks to a great "Tissue Paper Turkey" idea that I found on, I was able to create a Thanksgiving Turkey with the students in my self-contained class.
Since the children in my class were pretty young and cutting can take quite a while, I decided to pre-cut the turkey wings (6 per turkey body), turkey bodies, and the tissue paper out for them. I put the bodies, wiggle eyes, and wings in a Ziploc baggie for organizational purposes.

I gave each student a handful of tissue paper for the project and refilled as needed. The tissue paper ended up going everywhere, but was easy to sweep up.

The first step that the kids took in making their turkeys was to glue the tissue paper onto each of the six wings that they had.

Next, the kids glued their wings onto a piece of construction paper and then glued their turkey's bodies on top of that.

The finished product came out wonderfully! My little brainiacs did an excellent job and made me a proud student teacher :)


Prep Time: 30 minutes
Implementation Time: 1 class period (40-50 minutes)

Materials Needed:
  • Tissue Paper (Suggested Colors: Orange, Yellow, Purple)
  • Construction Paper (Brown for bodies, White for wings, Any Color for Background)
  • Markers (Black & Red)
  • Wiggle Eyes